Proof of Stake has become the common method of maintaining and securing blockchains. Most notably, Ethereum migrated from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake, helping push the total value staked (TVS) above $100 billion. Despite staking's importance in the crypto ecosystem, it is difficult to find the relevant resources to understand and begin staking.

This documentation is intended to help stakers, validators, protocols, and researchers better understand different staking mechanisms and staking economics.

Our main dashboard is available here: https://protocolstaking.info/.

Protocols go through upgrades or modifications that could change the staking mechanism and key parameters. Please keep note of “Last modified” dates on each of the documentation pages. If there is any outdated information, please create pull requests and we will review it as soon as possible to keep this up to date.

Each protocol has a unique spin on staking mechanism design. There is no standard that could be uniformly applied to all protocols.

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